Red Eye

Red eye conditions are so common today, especially with the extensive amount of digital work most people handle, it’s no surprise that the market for over the counter eyedrops has skyrocketed. Aside from a cold compress, allergy medicines, and other home-remedies, medicated eye drops and artificial or natural tears are essential to combating eye redness. 

Red Eye

Unfortunately, these solutions are addressing the symptoms versus the causes of red eye, so people end up in a cycle of responding, relieving, recovering, and responding again. In the meantime, the actual cause of the red eye isn't resolved at all.

What Exactly Is Red Eye?

The eye is surrounded with blood vessels that feed it nutrients around the clock. However, when these blood vessels become enlarged due to reactions or irritation, they increase in size. The increase in blood flow makes them more visible across the white part of the eye, which in turn creates the “red eye” effect.

In addition, a number of eye conditions can also trigger red eye reactions as well, due to infection or disease damage as well. That includes contagious or infection issues like pink eye and blepharitis, as well as damage like a subconjunctival hemorrhage, and ongoing chronic conditions like glaucoma or corneal ulcers.

While the cause may be different, the effects can be similar, which can fool patients into thinking eye drops are an easy solution when in fact the concern may be deeper and more serious. The diagnosis of your actual condition can only be received from an optometrist after an eye exam.

Help for Red Eye and Blepharitis in Columbia, SC

If you need optometry help associated red eye conditions that seem to be serious or are a result of contagious exposure, call our office at Eyes on the Lake. Our team can work effectively in helping reduce irritated eye vessels and the effect they have on the appearance of your eyes. Oftentimes issues are rooted in a cause that stems from an allergy, irritation, or infection. Once addressed, the symptoms of red eye quickly die down. It's important to make sure your treatment is suitable for your exact condition. That is why it is essential to visit an optometrist for an eye exam.

Call us to schedule an appointment. With an eye exam we can accurately diagnose your condition and deliver the best treatment for your specific needs.


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