Contact Lenses

Say goodbye to the limitations of glasses and embrace the convenience and freedom of clear vision with contact lenses. As your Irmo, SC, optometrist near you, we are here to guide you through the process to help ensure you make informed decisions and enjoy a comfortable contact lens experience. Visit us at Eyes On The Lake for more information from eye doctor near you.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Exam

The foundation of successful contact lens wear lies in a thorough examination. At Eyes On The Lake, we don't just test your vision. We go beyond, performing a dedicated contact lens exam that might asses your eye health, tear film quality, and corneal curvature. This personalized approach ensures optimal lens fitting and minimizes potential complications.

Exploring Your Options

From daily disposables to extended wear, soft lenses to gas permeable, the choices may seem overwhelming. We'll discuss your lifestyle, preferences, and budget to help identify the best type for you. Whether you crave freedom for sports or seek a subtle color change, we can help you find the perfect match.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Not all contact lenses are created equal. At Eyes On The Lake, we prioritize precise measurements and meticulous lens fitting. We utilize our expertise to help ensure the lenses perfectly hug your corneas and provide comfort and vision clarity.

Contact Lens Care

Taking care of your contact lenses is essential for maintaining eye health and optimal vision. The good news is we'll provide instructions on proper cleaning, storage, and handling techniques so you can get started. We'll also address any questions you have to make sure you are ready to start wearing your new lenses.

Enjoy the Benefits

With properly fitted and well-maintained contact lenses, you'll experience a new world of clear vision, such as participating in any activity without glasses fogging up or slipping. Embrace the freedom of uninhibited sports, the confidence of a natural look, and the joy of sharp, unobstructed vision.

Get Contact Lens Exams and Vision Exams from an Optometrist Near You

Don't hesitate to explore the possibilities of contact lenses. Whether you're a first-time user or seeking a better fit, contact us at Eyes On The Lake in Irmo, SC, today. Schedule your vision exams and contact lens exams by calling (803) 233-1774. See the world clearly, comfortably, and on your own terms. Visit us for eye care from an eye doctor near you.

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