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Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome in Columbia, SC

Computer vision syndrome is one problem that can wreak havoc on your vision and overall health. You may deal with this problem if you work on the computer or spend excessive time online. Whether you have vision problems or want to schedule an eye exam, our optometry professional at Eyes On The Lake in Columbia, SC, can provide high-quality care. Consider some ways to prevent computer vision syndrome. 

computer vision

Good Posture

Keeping a good posture can reduce your risk of computer eye strain. You can create a workspace that encourages proper posture, so you can relax comfortably at your desk. Remember to relax your shoulders and sit straight. Your screen should be positioned slightly below eye level, so you don't have to lean forward or move your head up or down to see the screen. Furthermore, your chair should support your back appropriately and be the right height.

Take Routine Breaks

Taking breaks away from your screen every two hours gives your eyes a chance to rest. Also, be sure your brakes are 15 minutes long. Besides this, avoiding smartphones, video games, televisions, and other devices with digital screens is essential. If you have blepharitis or other problems, an optometry expert can give you valuable recommendations about lifestyle changes you can make to improve things.

Remember to Blink

Blinking spreads mucus and moisture across your eyes and helps keep them from getting too dry. Not often blinking enough leads to irritated and dry eyes. Indeed, looking at a computer screen can be unhealthy because it can decrease the amount of blinking you do. Blinking often and taking breaks are vital, so your eyes can rest.

Reduce Glare

When light reflects off your screen from nearby windows or light fixtures, you can experience screen glare. You can reduce your screen's glare by dimming overhead lights or using light bulbs with a lower wattage. In addition, try closing curtains, shades, or blinds. Moreover, you can invest in an anti-glare screen. You can also ask an optometry professional about anti-glare glasses.

Schedule an Eye Exam

When you talk to an optometry professional, you can ask for advice about enhancing your comfort when using digital screens. Additionally, an expert can check for signs of eye conditions and vision problems. This exam can help prevent future issues. For example, excessive screen time can worsen blepharitis, a common eye condition.

Need to be sure of your next step? Our Eyes On The Lake optometry expert in Columbia, SC, could help! Contact us today at (803) 233-1774 to schedule an appointment.

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