Blue Light

There are many colors of lights in the visible spectrum, and each has its own wavelength and effects. Blue light has a wavelength that is great for daylight hours. It gives you faster reaction times, allows you to pay attention more, and elevates your mood. However, thanks to screens and energy-efficient lights, we can get that blue light all night long. If you experience eye strain and think it may be caused by blue light, our optometrist at Eyes On The Lake is ready to assist you.


Effects of Blue Light

Due to digital screens, we are exposed to more blue light than ever before. Overexposure to blue light contributes to eye strain and other vision issues. Blue light naturally adjusts your circadian rhythms, which are the natural body rhythms that tell us when to be awake and asleep. When you see a blue light at night, it can alter your internal clock and disrupt your sleep patterns.

Studies have shown a link between blue light exposure and the development of certain diseases, including obesity, heart disease, higher blood sugar, and diabetes, though science does not yet know why. There is some evidence that it disrupts hormones. When a person's circadian rhythms are off, it causes high blood sugar as well as lower levels of leptin. This hormone helps people to feel full after eating. It also keeps the body from producing the hormone melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.

Protection From Blue Light at Night

It is hard to eliminate blue light exposure, but there are ways that you can protect yourself from it at night. Some eyeglasses block blue light, making blue light blocking lenses a great first-line of protection. You can also replace your regular night light bulbs with dim red lights. Red light has less of an effect on melatonin and circadian rhythms. You can also stop looking at screens a few hours before you go to bed. To improve sleep further, get a lot of light during the daytime. Not only will this help you sleep, but it will also improve your mood and alertness during the day.

Optometrist in Columbia, SC

To find out more about the dangers of blue light, contact Eyes On The Lake for an eye exam today. Our optometrist has years of experience helping residents of Columbia, SC, and the surrounding areas avoid excessive blue light exposure. For more information on blue light, eye strain, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (803) 667-4760.

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