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Avoiding gadget use in the modern age is next to impossible. We use smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets all the time both for work and our personal life. We at Eyes On The Lake are aware of how these gadget habits can affect our patients in Columbia, SC, and Irmo, SC.

More specifically, we acknowledge that the blue light produced by electronic gadgets can have a significant impact on our eyes. What has the field of optometry learned about gadgets and the blue light they produce? You can learn more about that topic by continuing with the rest of this article.

blue light

What Is Blue Light?

To better understand how our increased gadget use can affect our eyes, we must first talk about blue light. Blue light is one of the rays on the visible light spectrum. It’s known for emitting high energy and its relatively short wavelength.

This type of light is all around us. The sun is the greatest source of blue light that we encounter on a regular basis. We are also exposed to blue light whenever we use our gadgets.

The fact that we are regularly exposed to blue light is far from a bad thing. Blue light is known to have a positive impact on mood and cognitive function so getting a regular dose of it is beneficial.

However, there is growing concern about artificial blue light. Recent studies have found that prolonged exposure to it can adversely affect our sleep and vision quality. It may even contribute to the development of conditions such as dry eyes.

What Can an Optometry Specialist Do against Blue Light?

Blurry vision, dry eyes, and sleep disruption are some of the issues associated with prolonged exposure to artificial blue light. If you have dry eyes, that could also lead to the development of other bad conditions. Protect yourself against the harmful effects of blue light and our optometrist can help with that.

Talk to our eye doctor if you regularly experience the symptoms linked to blue light. Tell us about your concerns so we can examine you further. Upon confirming the issue affecting your eyes, our optometrist may prescribe some special lenses. You can then use these lenses to minimize your exposure to artificial blue light.

Cutting down on your smartphone usage and keeping your screens further away from your eyes will also help.

Protect Your Eyes Better from Blue Light and Blepharitis

We at Eyes On The Lake can help protect you better from the effects of artificial blue light. We can help patients in Columbia, SC, Irmo, SC, and the surrounding area. Call us at (803) 233-1774 for more protection against blue light and blepharitis.

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