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We at Eyes On The Lake, serving Irmo, SC, and Columbia, SC, are here to help you learn more about eye strain and how to keep your eyes healthy. A problem that optometry professionals might see is eye strain, which can cause discomfort and decrease productivity. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors such as excess screen time, dry eye syndrome, and underlying eye conditions. 

eye strain

Monitor Your Screen Time

The rise of digital devices such as computers and smartphones has increased the amount of time we spend in front of screens. Although technology might be essential to our daily lives, it can also contribute to eye strain. Limiting your use of screen time, if possible, may be able to help you reduce your eye strain.

Take Frequent Eye Breaks

A simple eye exercise can also be beneficial to reduce eye strain. Close your eyes for a few seconds to give them a break. Then look far into the distance and focus on an object for several seconds. Repeat this exercise a few times during the day, especially when you feel eye discomfort. Frequent eye breaks are an easy method that might prevent eye strain and may help you maintain comfortable vision.

Combat Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes are unable to produce enough tears. This condition causes eye irritation, inflammation, and overall discomfort. Dry eye syndrome can also make eye strain worse, including during prolonged computer use. If you experience dry eye syndrome, consult with us for tips on how to manage it effectively. Managing the condition can help prevent eye strain from occurring.

Reduce Light Glare

Light from overhead lamps or sun reflecting off your screen can cause glare, leading to eye strain. Anti-glare screens or glasses can help reduce glare and help provide comfortable screen viewing. Also, adjust your screen brightness to help match your surrounding lighting. By controlling screen brightness and avoiding bright lights, you can help prevent eye strain.

Regular Eye Check-Up

Underlying eye conditions such as nearsightedness or farsightedness can contribute to eye strain. Regular eye check-ups can help detect any underlying eye conditions and manage their symptoms. You may have farsightedness, myopia, or astigmatism, all of which may cause eye strain. In the case of blepharitis, inflammation can occur due to bacterial infection. Our optometrist on our optometry team can help prescribe antibiotics or other treatments to manage the condition.

Get Blepharitis Treatment from Our Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

We at Eyes On The Lake are here to help you understand eye strain and how to prevent it. By taking measures such as monitoring screen time, taking eye breaks, managing dry eye, reducing light glare, and having a regular eye check-up, you can help keep your eyes healthy and prevent eye strain. We serve Columbia, SC, and Irmo, SC. Call us at (803) 233-1774 for regular eye exams. Let us help you maintain healthy eyes.

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